Mexico Dos Rios

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In an effort to create more access to high-quality coffees from Mexico's Puebla region, Cafe Imports partnered with an exporting company to purchase cherries directly from small-scale producers. Offerings such as this are the result of this idea and represent the great potential for the future of Mexican specialty coffee. Here, cherries are purchased directly from producers and processed at the wet mill. Lots are then blended based on factors such as time of delivery, quality, and variety. Our long-term goals with buying models like this are always rooted in relationships and we hope that through creating market access for producers in this area, we can continue to develop traceable offerings through to the farm level. 


Flavor Notes - Carmel, Apricot, Amaro

Farm - Dos Rios, Tecalzada, Patitla, Limontla, and El Centro farms

Region - Dos Rios, Chichiquila, Puebla

Variety - Typica, Bourbon, Garnica

Process - Washed

Altitude - 1694-1744 masl