Peru Finca Loma Alta

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Ricardo Carrasco owns and operates Finca Loma Alta, a 1.25 hectare farm of which 1 hectare is planted with about 4,000 coffee plants. Located in the Santa Rosa town of the Huabal municipality, this farm has sandy, loamy soil, and a tropical climate. During harvest, only the ripest of cherries are selected for processing and depulped on the same day. Once depulped, the coffee is fermented without water for an average period of 18-24 hours and then fully washed 3 times with clean, spring water. For drying, coffee is moved to raised beds inside a covered dryer and a patio is also used for overflow drying. After the 10-15 day period that it takes to fully dry these coffees, Ricardo then places his coffee into bags and stores them in a cool, dark room before delivering them to Lima Coffees for cupping, milling, and exportation.

Flavor Notes - Golden Raspberry, Almond Butter, Light Caramel

Producer - Ricardo Carrazco

Region - Huabal, Cajamarca

Variety - Caturra, Bourbon

Process - Washed

Altitude - 1850 Masl