El Salvador Mauricio Salaverria

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Coffees from El Salvador are among some of my favorite, and when we tasted this offering from the Ahuachapan region it was love at first slurp. Mauricio Salaverria owns a 60-hectre farm called Himalaya. This coffee was picked in peak ripeness then dry fermented for twenty hours, and finally dried on raised beds for 23-25 days. Mauricio mainly grows, Pacamara, Bourbon and Maragoype, this coffee however is of the Anacafe 14 variety, which is a natural cross mutation of Catimor and Pacamara. Which in the cup create a truly juicy and unique experience. 

Flavor Notes - Wild Berries, Cocoa Powder, Watermelon Candy, Syrah

Farm - Himalaya 

Producer - Mauricio Salaverria

Region - Ahuachapan

Variety - Anacafe 14

Process - Cherry dried

Altitude - 1500 masl